Doug (Ernie) Merrill

Profile Updated: August 27, 2011
Residing In: Syracuse, UT
Homepage or Facebook (if any):
Current Occupation: Business Analyst / Student
Spouse/Partner: Judy
Children: Scott, Amanda, John, Benson.
Bands You've Played With (list):

Ivory Boss - 1977. First full gig (15 years old) at The Yarrow in Park City. Mike Gabbitas, Diane Edwards, Ben Ashby, and..? Stangely, this room was the site of my final Utah Valley gig in 1995 -- see below.

The Fabulous Tunes - 1978-80. The best club/copy band ever - The first and only band to play Spirit of Radio and Red Barchetta in the BYU Quad! Kevin Wright, Ken VanWagenen, Danny Larson, Eric Grant.

Foxfire - 1980-81. Recorded album with Charlie Aaron and team. Other local artists on the album include Michael Dowdle, Sam Cardon, Arlen Card, and Kurt Bestor.

Monz - Early-80's. Post mission effort to regain the rock. Played the monster Tama Extra's kit. Kevin Wright, Eric Grant, Jon Miller, Eddie Montez. Forced into semi-retirement so my shattered femur could heal.

London Bridge - Mid-80's. Was not ready to play, but had some great gigs running sound and lights for the London Bridge crew.

Rave - Mid-90's. Tremendous fun with this dance band playing corporate events, tailgate parties, and high school dances. Mark Stone and crew.

Here's the cool part. My final gig with Rave (before I moved to Texas in 1995) was at The Yarrow in Park city. The same exact room where I played my very first gig with Ivory boss in 1977.

Instrument(s) you play (and/or vocals):

Drums, Percussion, Piano, SQL Server, Crystal Reports, Classical Beat Box.

Playing this school year with the Weber State Symphony Orchestra.

Current Musical Equipment:

Hill Audio J-Series-3 18x16x8 analog console. Fostex B-16 1/2" 16-track recorder. Technics RS-1500US 1/2 track master reel-to-reel. Mongrel set with combined Tama and Pearl shells, Zildjain and Sabian cymbals. Everything else sold to pay for family and college expenses.

If anyone knows who owns my old Tama Extra's 10-piece kit, please contact me. Seriously.

Bio and Band Stories:

Playing Faces with Fab Tunes. I was compelled to hide in the backstage restroom because I was still underage. Had to hide behind the drum kit the entire gig.

Still looking for Northern Utah musicians who are ready to play the technically challenging reperatoire we played in the Fab Tunes.

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Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:21 PM
The Fabulous Tunes (circa 1979-80)