Vintage Band Photos

Check out these vintage photos from Utah Valley bands from long ago. If you have any great pictures you'd like to submit, click here and send them via email.

London Bridge in 1987. Left to right Michael Dowdle (lead guitar), Leslie Stone (lead vocals), and Jeff Kocherhans (bass, lead vocals).  Click here to see a video of London Bridge from 1987 (put together by Todd Mitchell. NOTE: the video has footage from the bands London Bridge and Those Guys)

Sam Foster studio with Chris LeDoux.

Krossmix circa 1981. left-to-right:  Todd Mitchell (drums), Klayne Rasmussen (guitar), Mike Leichty (bass), Gary Bachelor (keyboards), Kirk Rasmussen (guitar), and Alan Breese (lead vocals).

Copperfield (album jacket). left-to-right:  Lance Roberts (bass), Mike Ostler (keyboard & trombone), Kevin Rollins (guitar), Barry Jensen (drums, vocals), Jim May (guitar), Jeff Ellertson (bass)

Taxi (original band members) in 1975:  Bobby Bird (drums and vocals), Cheryl Smith (vocals), Mark Tarallo (keyboards and lead vocals), Bob Macias (guitar and vocals), Bob Rigg (bass and vocals)

London Bridge (1985) (Left to right):  Michael Dowdle (guitar), Randy Troche (drums), Cody Hale (vocals, keys), Rex Kocherhans (vocals, guitar), Jeff Kocherhans (vocals, bass), Jenny Slade (vocals)

Michael Dowdle, playing with London Bridge in the Wilkinson Center at BYU in 1981.  Michael says these photos were taken "in the days I cut my own hair." Thanks to Michael for sharing some of his photo album memorabilia with Utah Valley Rockers!   See his current website at:

Westwind:  (back row - L to R) Buddy Draughn (bass), Leonard Hofheins (sax), Sam Cardon (keyboards), Ron Saltmarsh (guitar), Mark Duff (unknown). (middle) Tammy Bacon Johnson (vocals).  (front row L to R) "Kurt "Huck" Bestor (trumpet), Jeff Carter (drums) (posted by Kurt Bestor)

Evolution of the band "Souvenir."  The band started with a group of Elders in the Tokyo North Mission in 1979.  At the time the band was called "Family."  Left to right: Elder Craig Cusworth (guitar, backup vocals), Quinn Coleman (lead vocals), Cal Call (drums), Brett Raymond (keyboards, vocals), Steven Johnson (bass, backup vocals).

Thanks to Steven Johnson for submitting this photo

Souvenir, first English album in 1982.  Left to right:  Brett Raymond (keyboards, vocals), Steven Johnson (bass, background vocals), Cal Call (drums), Quinn Coleman (leader, lead vocals), Craig Cusworth (guitar, background vocals).

Thanks to Steven Johnson for sumitting this photo

Souvenir (back in the USA), about 1983.  Left to Right:  Quinn Coleman (leader, lead vocals), Craig Cusworth (guitar), Cal Call (drums), Brett Raymond (keyboards, vocals), Cody Hale (keys and vocals), and Pat Smith (bass)

Original Paradox, circa 1979 (left to right):  Bryce Neubert (keys), Ben Howard (guitar), Todd Mitchell (drums), David Thomas (lead vocals), Bill Cushenberry (bass), Cory Jensen (guitar).  Classic!

Original Paradox, circa 1979 (left to right): Todd Mitchell (drums), Bill Cushenberry (bass), Cory Jensen (guitar)

Captain Flash (1972 or 1973), playing at an open air festival at the Point of the Mountain.  (Left to right): Mike Spencer (guitar), Jeff Ellertson (bass), Richard Vassilaros (guitar), and Dave Mecham (drums).

Photo submitted by Jeff Ellertson.

Copperfield (1976) - Left to Right: Mike Ostler (keyboards), Leonard Hofheins (sax & flute), Bobby Van Roy (saxaphone and vocals), Barry Jensen (drums), Jim May (guitar), Jeff Ellertson (bass), Randy Thornton (trombone), John Davis (trumpet).


Shinin' Star (1978-1979). Front row, left to right: Doug Lyman (keys, vocals) and Allison Bone Lyman (lead singer).  Back row Alton Coroton (drums), Michael Dowdle (guitar), Ken Hughes (bass). 

Honey & Soul (1975).  Left to right: Erik Voutilainen (bass), Barry Olson (guitar and vocals), Jim Williams (lead guitar), Scott Dorton (keys), and Glen Kirchoff (drums).

Xanadu (1979) promo flyer.  Xanadu traveled the country and opened for Foreigner. Jeff Ellertson (guitar - front and center); Kevin Wright (bass/keys/vocals - left, second from front), Barry Jensen (drums/vocals - left, third from front); Richard Vassilaros (lead guitar and vocals - right, second from front), Scott Green (keys - right third from front). Band Manager in back. (Photo submitted and owned by Kevin Wright).  Click here to listen to a song from Xanadu.

Taxi (circa 1977).  Back row (left to right): Glen Flanders (trumpet), Mark Hansen (guitar), Tom Dixon (bass).  Front row:  Bobby Bird (drums), Brenda Coffey (keys, vocals), Eric Youngberg (sax), and Kjirstin Youngberg (vocals).  

Max (left to right): Leon Anderson (guitar), Al Thomas (drums), Rick Bos (guitar), and Dan Doty (bass).

Rick Bos, playing with the band Max, opening for STYX in 1975. Rick passed away in 2010.

What would Utah Valley Rockers website be without a picture of The Osmond Brothers from back in their Rock & Roll hey day? 

Everett Lincoln (in 1975). Front row (left to right): Mike Dowdle (guitar), Garth Sperry (drums).  Back row:  Lance Ream (keyboards), Allen Smith (bass).

Everett Lincoln (circa 1974) (left to right):  Lance Ream (keyboards), Allen Smith (bass), Garth Sperry (drums), David Earl (vocals), Mike Liechty (guitar), Drew Gardner (guitar).

Those Guys (1988 or 89), playing at Nino's in Salt Lake City. Band with friends. Back row (left to right): Lew Woolford (bass), David West, Leslie Stone (from London Bridge), David Thomas, Jane ?, Leslie ?, and Ed West (guitar).  Front row (left to right) Kevin Stoker (keys), Todd Mitchell (drums), Jake Thomas.

Paradox, playing at the BYU Ballroom in 1980.  Left to right in the photo: Bryce Neubert (keys), Ben Howard (guitar), Todd Mitchell (drums), David Thomas (singer), Bill Cushenberry (bass), and Cory Jensen (guitar). Love the huge Leslie speaker behind Bryce.

Paradox (next generation) in 1983. Left to right: Bryan Chapman (keys, vocals), Mark Jones (bass, lead vocals), Kerri Cotant (lead vocals), Dave Ewing (drums), Dave Stahly (lead guitar), Kim Rawlings (guitar).  Wanna hear what this band sounded like back then. Click here.

Mark Jones played bass and sang with Paradox, FreeFall, RPM, and Flight (for their summer tour in Hawaii). Click here to hear what Mark Jones sounded like back in 1983. 

Kimo Lewis ran sound for so many Utah Valley bands. Here he is, using ancient equipment (state of the art at the time) in 1983.

The Critics (1985). Left to right Gordon Strang (drums), Eric Grant (guitar), David Thomas (vocals), Dave Robinson (guitar), Kevin Wright (bass). 

The Critics, opening for "Rail" in 1985 at New Faces Roadhouse in Salt Lake City, circa 1985. Left to right:  Kevin Wright (bass),  Dave Robinson (guitar), Doug Lyman (tight pants and singer), Gordon Strang (drums), and Eric Grant (guitar).

Peace & Quiet (1982) - Walt Jones (drums), Cyndi Sheeran (vocals), Mike Gabbitas (keys, vocals), Cydne Bedke (vocals), Jim Goodin (keys), Doug Salter (bass), Carl Fritch (lead guitar), Gary Horan (guitar).

Peace & Quiet (1983) - Left to right: Cyndi Sheeran (vocals), Jim Goodin (keys), Doug Salter  (bass), Mike Gabbitas (keys), Carl Fritch (lead guitar), Walt Jones (drums), and Gary Horan (guitar). Click here to watch a video of this band.

Thunderbuck Ram (year unknown). Left to right:  Mike Spencer (guitar), Kenny Seastrand (bass), Mark Miller (guitar), Michael Barrett (drums)

The Saints (from Springville). 1964 or 1965. Left to right: Greg Morgan (bass), Dave Mecham (drums), Jack Boswell (guitar), Randy Morgan (guitar).  Dave Wheeler added later on keys.

Saddle Boogie Band. Left Photo Top Row Is: Gary Kopinsky (Drums), Brandon Warren (Steel Guitar), Scott Dorton (Keyboards - Vocals), Lanty Ross (Bass - Vocals), Bottom Row: Tony Chavez (Lead Guitar - Vocals) & Joe Clarke (Production).

Casey Jones (circa 1979).  Barry Olson (lead vocals), Brian Petersen (keys), Mark Miller (guitar), Michael Barrett (drums)

Peace & Quiet (1973); Blake Haderlie (percussion), Cathie Martin (vocal, violin, keyboards), Mort Martin (bass, vocal, keyboards), Jim Williams (lead guitar), Barry Olsen (rhythm guitar, vocals, trumpet).

Riddle (1985) playing in the Battle of the Bands. (left to right):  Kevin Brock (keyboards), Terry Taylor (drums), Bob Argyle (guitar), Marty Stevens (vocals), and Scott Warburton (bass).  Ryan Freeman (guitar) just out of the photo on the right.


Brass section of Copperfield playing at Provo High in 1976: Randy Thornton (trombone), John Davis (trumpet) and Leonard Hofheins (sax).  Jim May on guitar.

Flight (1976) playing at the Utah County Courthouse for a Provo High Dance. Left to right: Marty Olson (lead singer), Dave Dunkley (drums), Ray Lines (bass), Darrel Segal (guitar), Brian Bradshaw (keys).  Click here to listen to this band (1983 version)

London Bridge (1978) playing at a Timpview High dance.  Gary Lamph (guitar), Rex Kocherhans (acoustic guitar), Tammy Bacon (singer), Jeff Kocherhans (bass), Bill Bacon (keys)


Paradox (circa 1981) playing at the Star Palace. Left to right: Kim Rawlings (guitar), Dave Ewing (drums), Kerri Cotant (lead singer), Cory Jensen (guitar).

Bentley (1979 - 1982). Left to right: Shawn Bentley (guitar), Greg Smith, Dave Rice (lead vocals), Brett Lovelady, and Gordon Strang (drums).

Arlington Heights (1980). Left to right. Kimo Lewis (guitar), Mark Reveal (bass), Lynn Greenwood (lead guitar), Ken Schmidt (drums), Bryan Chapman (keys).

Magellan playing at Provo High in 1975: Kevin Wright (bass), Mike Dowdle (guitar), Ken Van Wagenen (guitar)

Paradox flyer in 1983.  Left to right: Mark Jones (bass and vocals), David Stahly (lead guitar), Kerri Cotant (lead singer), David Ewings (drums), Kim Rawlings (guitar), and Bryan Chapman (keyboard/vocals)

Classic handbill from the day.

Thunderbuck Ram. Left to right: Mike Spencer (guitar), Kenny Seastrand (bass), Michael Barrett (drums), Mark Miller (guitar)

Promo from the band Tempest in (1979-1984). Left to right: John Miller (guitar, vocals) Mark Gelter (keyboards, vocals). Allison Lyman (lead vocals) Mark Young (drums, vocals), and Paul Clark (bass, vocals)

The Todes (circa 1965). Left to right: Danny Murphy (drums), Steve Thomas (lead guitar, vocals), Dan Doty (bass, vocals), and Danny Davis (singer).  This band produced a hit some called "Good Things."  Click here for a listen.

The Plaidsmen (1964 - 65).  Tim GuymonDan Doty, Bruce Knowles, Jerry Solberg and Steve Thomas

The Vectors (1964): David Donahoe, Ralph Geddes, George Spilsbury and Skip Florence.

The Vectors playing at BYU in 1965 (from the BYU Banyon yearbook). Cick here to hear "The Vectors" in action.

The Remnants (L-R): David Donahoe, Frank Larsen, Buzz Minson, Jerry Solberg and Jerry York. Click here to hear a song from The Remnants.

Peace & Quiet on break about 1983. Left to right: Doug Salter (bass), Mike Gabbitas (keyboards, vocals), Jim Goodin, Walt Jones (drums) & Gary Horan (guitar).

AXYS playing at the Spur 1984. Left to Right: Doug Lyman (keys), Tim Larsen (guitar), Ray Lines (bass), Dave West (drums), Greg Cook (guitar)

Vodoo Swing (Rockabilly band from Utah Valley) playing at Burt's Tiki Lounge in Salt Lake City (1993). Lee Aidukatis on drums. Click here to listen to this band (still together, recording from 2013)

Billy Blaze (circa 1991). Left to Right: Alan Johnson (guitar), Matt Despain (bass), Steve Johnson (drums) and Guy Golightly (guitar). The days of the dot matrix printer.

The Up & Ups (circa 1983), playing in the Wilkinson Center at BYU. Left to right: Mark Hilton (keyboards), Quint Randle (vocals), Paul Clark (drums), Rich Clark (guitar), _________ (bass)

Uncle Wiggly (left to right): Rick Bos (guitar), Mikel Minor (drums), Gary Lamph (guitar), Kevin Wright (bass)

Light Year (1986) (left to right): Rickey Carter (keyboards, lead vocals), Lew Woolford (bass), Jennie Smith (lead vocals), Will Terris (drums, lead vocals), Ed West (guitar)

Quickstep in 1978, left to right: Doug Carbine, Rickey Carter, Glen Kirchoff, Alan Rupe, Leon Anderson

Quickstep in 1978, left to right: Glen Kirchoff Rickey Carter,  Leon Anderson, Alan Rupe, Doug Carbine

 Holden Caulfield (left to right): Frank Lee (drums), Eric Engstrom (lead singer), Kurt Pulham (guitar), Harold Engstrom (bass); playing at the Pie Pizzeria in Provo.  NOTE: not to be confused with the popular SLC-based, 60’s band by the same name

Holden Caulfield (left to right): Kurt Pulham (guitar), Eric Engstrom (lead singer), Frank Lee  (drums),  Harold Engstrom  (bass). NOTE: not to be confused with the popular SLC-based, 60’s band by the same name

Intensity. playing in 1985 at the Down Under in Salt Lake. Von Hall (in red spandex), Kregg Holdaway (in silver spandex), Guy Ball (peaking out from behind), and Rick Coates (drummer, not visible).

Fortune (in 1977). Left to right: Alan Breese (vocals), Richard Vassilaros (guitar), Blake Haderlie (drums), Allen Smith (bass)

Natty Bumppo, playing at BYU in 1973 (left to right): David Zandonatti, Dennis McGregor, Danny Coletti

Another picture of Natty Bumppo

All this for $2.00? Shinin' Star.

The "Relatives" playing at Earth Day in 1990 (Dave Wilbur on bass).

Wave O' Blues, promo picture in 1998. Front row (left to right): Bruce Murdock (guitar), Dave Dave Wilbur (bass), Todd Mitchell (drums).  Back row (standing): Marc Nuttal (sax), Marlise Paxman, Carrie Streeter, _________ (trumpet), Michele Midge Wilbur, DB Long (baritone sax), and Carey Nuttal (sax);  at the Springville Art Museum.


David Thomas, singing lead with The CriticsGordon Strang on drums.

The band Dharma Combat (Orem, Utah) about 1992.  Left to Right: Joe Clarke (mummy), Darwin 'Lee' Johnson, Robert Johnson, and Greg Benards. The band made 3 original albums, 2 were unreleased and untitled, the 3rd was called "Mezlim."

Coachmen reunion in 1993, Left to Right: Scott Norton (banjo), Scot Bernhard (guitar), Russell Anderson (guitar), John Scott Bowen (guitar), Mort Martin (guitar), Barry Olson (vocals), and Lon Keith (vocals)

The Coachmen.

Rave.  Left to right:  Mark Stone (bass), Nancy Baumgartner (vocals), Scott Hunt (guitar), Diane Andrus (drums), Tucker Hansen (keys)

Original members of Rave.  Left to right:  Mark Stone (bass), Scott Hunt (guitar), Nancy Baumgartner (vocals), Tucker Hansen (keys), Mike Ockey (drums).

After Hours (1992 - 1994). Left to right: Todd Mitchell (drums), Scott Hunt (guitar), Mark Stone (bass), Allison Lyman (vocals), Tucker Hansen (keys)

Sam Foster in Studio with Chris LeDoux & The Saddle Boogie Band (early 80's). At Sam's studio in Lindon, Utah.  (Thanks to Joe Clarke for submitting this photo).

Osmond Brothers travel to Africa:  Back Row (left to right):  Jim Anderson (soundman), Craig Turley (trumpet), Wayne Osmond, Rich Dixon (guitar), Sam Foster (drums), Bryan Hofheins (trombone).  Front Row:  Kenny Hodges (percussion)

Sandstone, circa 1975  Back row (left to right): Susan Wright (guitar), Dick Devey (bass), Blain Carson (guitar), Geralyn McIntosh (vocals).  Front row: Russ Crabb (keys), Bob Loucks (drums)

Sandstone (1975) (left to right): Russ Crabb (keys), Dick Devey (bass), Geralyn McIntosh (vocals), Bob Loucks (drums), Susan Wright (guitar), Blaine Carson (guitar)

London Bridge (left to right): Mike Dowdle (lead guitar), Cody Hale (lead singer), Jeff Kocherhans (bass)

Jubal (about 1979), playing at the Rusty Nail in Park City. Band members came from Payson and Spanish Fork.  Left to right:  Larry Kinder (guitar, vocals), _________ (drums), Jerry Dennicore (vocals), Richard Millhouse (guitar, vocals), and Dennis Bird (Congas, vocals).

Jubal promo (about 1978) (left to right): Back row: Kent Balog (drums/percussion), Mark Allred (guitar/Vocals),  Gary Balog (Bass); Middle row: Gerry Denicore (Guitar andVocals), Dennis Bird (percussion/Vocals); Front row: Richard "Millhouse" Clingman (Guitar/Vocals),  Jolene Prestwich (Vocals), Dennis Prestwich (Keyboards/Vocals)

Terra Cotta in 1982 (left to right). First row Dave Gallagher (bass), Doug Sprague (keyboards), Lloyd Mecham (guitar);  Back row: Randy Bulloch (drums), Teresa Eggertson (vocals), Eddie Montez (guitar)

The Gents, from Provo Utah won a national Battle of the Bands in 1967 with Lance Roberts (bass), Mike Ostler (keyboards), Craig Rollins (guitar and violin), Barry Jensen (drums), and Kevin Rollins (guitar).

London Bridge in 1978 (left to right): Jack Dunn (guitar), Rex Kocherhans (lead vocals), Tammy Bacon (lead vocals), Jeff Kocherhans (bass), Bill Bacon (keyboards).

Promotional flyer for the Utah Valley band Syrinx, circa. 1983. NOTE: Everett is Everett Carnahan.

Amoretti (circa 1987).  Left to right:  Julie Johnson Abrams, Mike Ockey, Jake Thomas (guitar, front), Brad Buckles,



Captain Flash (1972 or 1973), playing at an open air festival at the Point of the Mountain.  Left to right:  Dave Mecham (drums), Jeff Ellertson (bass), and Richard Vassilaros (guitar).

The amazing Mike Spencer with the band Captain Flash in either 1972 or '73.

The Critics, playing at the Scera Shell (left to right): Dave Robinson (guitar), Todd Mitchell (drums), Kevin Wright (bass), and Eric Grant (guitar).

Dave Robinson (playing with the Critics). Todd Mitchell on drums.

The Klick (circa 1983) left to right: Steven Lee Adams (guitar), ___________ (bass), David Rice (lead vocals), Danny Jarvis (drums), and Lance Perry (guitar).  Click here to hear The Klick  (pun intended here/hear, click/Klick).

The band "Roadwork," circa 1978, left to right: Eric Rollings (bass), Brent Brown (lead guitar, lead vocals), Michael E. Coones (guitar), and John Staker (drums).

The Take, in 1986 (left to right): Charlie Hall (lead guitar), Janine Stewart (keyboards), Dan Medley (drums), Michael Coones (guitar, lead vocals), Arthur Hall (keyboards), and Craig Lund (bass).

The Klick (apx. 1983) (left to right): Lance Perry (guitar), Danny Jarvis (drums), David Rice (lead vocals), Steven Lee Adams (guitar), and _________________.  The Klick was an early '80's New Wave band [from Provo] that enjoyed ridiculous popularity in 1983-84, produced a music video in support of their Album "The Klick - Well Defined" and had significant airplay of their two singles "I told you so" and "Dancin Girl".

Jubal, with autographs from band members (sent in by a fan).

Another Jubal autograph page.

London Bridge (1972): Jeff Kocherhans (bass, lead vocals), Bill Bacon (keyboardss), Rex Kocherhans (guitar, lead vocals) signed a contract with Columbia Records.  Want to hear what they sounded like back then?  Here are 2 songs you can check out:

Escape (1985).  Left to right: Kyle Kuriplach (lead guitar), Louie DiCristofano (drums), Sven Kelling  (guitar, keyboards), Kareen Kelling (keyboards, vocals), Mike Otto (bass), Vic Conner (guitar, vocals), Rick __________ (?)

Jake in Space (or at least a variation of them) (left to right):  Vic Conner (guitar and vocals), Cal Call (drums), Ted Hunting (guitar), and Dave Wilbur (bass).

Electric Toy Band (1986) Kevin Brock (Keyboards/Vocals), Robert Johnson (Bass), James F. Wright (Guitar/Vocals), Craig Goodell (Drums/Vocals), and Guy Hanson (Guitar/Vocals)

Everett Lincoln, playing at the Steel Workers Union hall (circa 1974).  Left to right:  Alan Breese (lead vocals), Allen Smith (bass), and Drew Gardner (lead guitar).  Not pictured (but in the band):  Garth Sperry (drums), Mike Liechty (lead/rhythm guitar), and Lance Ream (keyboards).  

Promo flyer for The Klick in 1983.

The Saints - circa 1969 (left to right):  Bottom row: Greg Morgan (bass, vocals), Jack Boswell (guitar), Dave Wheeler (keyboards).  Top row: Charlie Breeder (drums), Randy Morgan (guitar)

The Saints, promo photo, apx. 1969 (left to right): Charlie Breeder (drums), Randy Morgan (guitar), Greg Morgan (bass, vocals), Jack Boswell (guitar) and Dave Wheeler (keyboards)

Anthem (circa 1979) at The Rock, Center Street, Provo.  (left to right): Steven Lee Adams (guitar), Scott Mcroby (bass), and Dan Jarvis (drums).  Other members included Steve Long (guitar), Dave Rice (vocals)

Jinx, handbill 1980  (left to right): Bennett Keller (bass), Scott Nielsen (drums), Shawn Monsen (guitar), Scott Featherstone (keyboards), Walt Allan, and Gary Batchelor

Shinin' Star (left to right), Scott Nielsen (drums), Bennett Keller (guitar), Allison Lyman (lead vocals), Doug Lyman, and _____________

Jinx (circa 1980) (left to right): Bennett Keller (bass), Scott Nielsen (drums), Shawn Monsen (guitar), Scott Featherstone (vocals, keyboard), Walt Allen (guitar), and Gary Bachelor (keyboards)

Jinx, promo t-shirt.

Audrey Smilley playing at Kiwanis Park in Provo (left to right): Dale Garrard (guitar), George Carlston (bass), Daniel Day (drums), and Craig Moore (guitar).

Innervoice (1987). Left to right: Vaughn Johnson (keyboards), Dave Gallagher (guitar), Charlie Aaron (vocals), Michael Dowdle (lead guitar), James Hollister (drums)

Fortune (circa 1978), left to right:  Richard Vassilaros (guitar), Allen Smith (bass), Blake Haderlie (drums), Alan Breeze (vocals), Mike Liechty (guitar)

Cooperfield and Everett Lincoln, 1974 - Flyer, playing at the Ice House.

Excalibre, active playing in Utah County from 1985 - 1995.   Left to right: Tom Nedreberg - bass/vocals, Mike Christensen - lead guitar/vocals, Ronnie Bray - Drums, Scott Smith - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals

Dirt Poor, played in Utah County from 1995-2000.  Tom Nedreberg - bass/vocals, Mark Critzer - lead guitar/vocals, Bobby Dawn Brown - Acoustic Guitar/Vocals, Steve Newman - Drums

Instereo - played Utah County from 1998-2009.  Left to Right; Kyle Johnson - Keyboards, Matt Ruston - Guitars, Tom Nedreberg - Bass, Dori Townsend - Vocals, Ted Townsend - Drums

Kwik Fix  (left to right):  Rick Bos (guitar), Rob Chatwin (vocals), Mark "Mad" Deason (guitar), Mark Allman (drums), and Ken Hughes (keys/bass).

3 Little Pigs, with Mark Allman (drums), Dave Wilbur (bass) and Mark "Mad" Deason (guitar).  The band was made up of remnants of the band Kwik Fix (see above). 

Dakota in 1975 at BYU Ballroom.  Left to right:  Arlen Card (sax), unknown, Donna Gibbons (singer), Lee Gibbons (drums), Barry Gibbons (bass) and Randy Graves (guitar)

Stevenette Family.   left to right in the photo... Daryl Stevenett, Diane Stevenett, Kevin Stevenett, Allyson, Joel Stevenett, Kathy Stevenett Larson, Shaun Stevenett, Audra Stevenett Naccarato, Mark Stevenett

Tempest.  (Left to right):  Doug Lyman (keyboards, vocals) Allison Lyman (lead vocals), Mark Young (drums), Rick Green (guitar), and Jim Stout (bass).

GT Band. (about 1999), left to right: Chris Tambasco (bass, vocals); Doug Gardine (rhythm guitar, vocals); Steve Clement (lead vocals), Clair Call (keyboard, vocals); Robert Rowley (drums), Gray Cramer (horn and vocals)

Odessa (left to right): Rick Baldassin (bass, co-founder); Mark Hoffman (guitar, co-founder); Dave Stephensen (keyboards), Dennis Mills, Randy Johnson (lead vocals, guitar); and Colette Kimball Rolandelli (drums). 

The Clinger Sisters (circa 1969). All-girl band (all sisters) from Orem. The band included: Patsy (drums), Debra (bass), Melody (guitar), and Peggy (keyboard) Clinger.  Click here to read the story at Provo Music Magazine. Click here to read the Wikipedia page about The Clingers. They played together from 1966 to 1971.  Click here to see a mini-documentary about The Clingers.

Blu Condition, circa 1967 (band from Springville). Left to right: Norm McDonald (guitar/vocals); Mike Peterson (bass, vocals), Paul Curtis (drums), and Dennis Prestwich (keyboard/vocals).  

Thanks to Norm McDonald for sharing this photo


New Dakotas (left to right): Winnie Thomson (guitar, vocals), Danny Jarvis (drums), Lance Perry (guitar, vocals)

Roundabout (circa 1976 or 1977, left to right):  Dane J Spencer (bass), Jeff Harvard (keyboards), Larry Green (lead guitar, vocals); Doug Robinson (rhythm & lead guitar); and Doug Pectol (drums). 

Street Walker (1978, left to right): Dave Spencer (guitar), David Dunkley (drums), Gary Jerant (lead vocals), Randy Young (bass), and Tom Colaizzi (guitar)

Odessa (left to right): Mark Hoffman, ________________, Colette Kimball Rolandelli, Cody Hale

Peace and Quiet (circa 1980, left to right): Fritz Black (guitar), Doug Salter (bass), ____________ (singer), and Carl Fritch (guitar)

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